The Family Centre and the Family Centre Social Policy Research Unit (FCSPRU)

The Family Centre is a leading cultural and social policy research agency based in Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand. It is made up of a three tikanga (cultural) organisational structure of Māori, Pacific Island and Pākehā (European) sections who work independently but share resources inter-dependently.

The key area of our work is social policy research. We are a community-based NGO (Non-Government Organisation) located in the community where we also carry out family therapy services and community development work. We are also an international organisation involved in substantial research collaborations and education and teaching.

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We are a registered charity CC34595 and a not-for-profit organisation. All donations go directly to the Family Centre’s work in research, family therapy, community development and education. Please email Mike Deacon to make a donation.


The Centre publishes on all areas of its work, contributing to research and policy journals, and popular media and publications throughout the world.


Meet our staff members

See the Family Centre’s staff biographies and staff directory.